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Proposed Warrington Devepment at Eureka Quarry

A recent public conditional use hearing was the earliest step forward for a proposed 123 home development in Warrington Township.

Warrington Township supervisors are scheduled to vote on the application at the Tuesday, Feb. 12, meeting and, if approved, the development will move on to the preliminary land development stage, where more specifics will be negotiated.

Lands of Eureka Stone Quarry

The project, referred to as “Lands of Eureka Stone Quarry,” calls for 90 carriage homes and 33 single-family homes on 28 acres of land currently owned by the quarry. Attorney Robert McBride,  representing the developer said the project will leave most of the 108 acres across four parcels preserved as open space. Eureka Stone Quarry Map

The development will be accessed from Pickertown Road across from Buttercup Boulevard, and also from Street Road near Morning Walk Drive.

The Warrington planning commission approved the plan on Jan. 17. Most of the public comment at the hearing was directed at the quarry’s operation, future traffic studies and if the development’s public sewer connection might extend to existing homes in the area. The homes will likely connect to public water and sewer.

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