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Archive | Bucks County Real Estate News

Bucks Recorder of Deeds – Fraud Alert System

Bucks County Recorder of Deeds Robin Robinson announced a fraud alert system to protect Bucks County residents from a variety of fraud schemes. The new fraud alert system monitors 25 categories of documents — including deeds, property transfers, mortgage satisfaction records and power of attorney — that can catch any cases of so-called “house stealing” […]

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Census Data: Bucks County is Changing

Demographic shifts — including an aging population with rising numbers of retiring baby boomers, and millennials entering the workforce and raising families — continue to change the makeup of the region, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau population estimates. The Census Bureau information offers projections at the municipality level. With stable and affordable  taxes […]

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Solebury Township and Warminster Township: Polling Locations Changed

The Bucks County Board of Elections unanimously approved three permanent polling place relocations ahead of the May 15 General Primary. Location changes have occurred in the Following Districts: Solebury Township Upper Warminster Township 5. Voters in the three relocated districts will be notified by mail of the change. Detailed information about all of the county’s […]

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